Help your child with ADHD to be happy and more successful by:

  • Creating routines. Do things in the same order at around the same time every day if possible (e.g. get dressed, eat breakfast and brush teeth every day before school).
  • Limiting choices. Presenting a young child with ADHD with too many options can be overwhelming.
  • Getting organized. Have a place for everything and help your child get in the habit of picking up so things are easier to find.
  • Avoiding distractions. This is especially needed during homework or transition times (e.g. turn off the TV or radio during homework or when you’re getting ready to leave the house).
  • Giving short, concise directions. Don’t ramble on to your child with ADHD or she will not be able to follow your directions well.
  • Using positive discipline. Incentives and reward systems help encourage your child. Avoid hitting your child. Instead, do short time-outs or remove privileges when necessary.
  • Helping your child find her passion. Developing a special talent (e.g. music, sports, art, cooking) will give your child something to focus on and feel great about.
  • Celebrating every success. All children deserve praise when they do well. But children with ADHD must overcome additional challenges and they deserve special recognition for their good work.

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