Taking part in your child’s learning pays off at home and school

Preschool is not a requirement, but many parents choose to enroll their child in some sort of school experience before kindergarten. Studies show that children who’ve had at least one year of preschool adapt more easily to the first few months of kindergarten.

The elementary years are among the most important. Kids learn a lot about how to behave in society, and they come to understand a great deal about themselves. By the end of fifth grade, your child will probably have decided whether he “likes school” and whether he’s “a good student.” Getting involved with your child’s school is one of many ways to ensure that your child enjoys these formative years.

Middle school is a time when many children gain a sense of independence, but they are still young and require a lot of supervision and guidance. Peer groups are increasingly important at this age. And it’s a time when extracurricular interests really begin to blossom.

The high school years will do much to determine the future direction of your child’s life. Older teens need some freedom to learn about life, but they are still dependent upon you for your support and your wisdom. Cultivating a close relationship with your teen will set the stage for the rest of your lives.

Common issues that arise during the teen years include tiredness, anxiety, depression, eating disorders and experimenting with tobacco, drugs, alcohol and sex. We’re here to help.

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