Your approach to parenting will change as your child matures

Each age requires different strategies, as well as a sense of humor, dedication and the cooperation of all the adults who care for a child.

Toddlers are terrific, but it’s in their nature to test your limits. They’re curious, constantly on the go, persistent, easily frustrated with rules and crazy for your attention (even if it’s negative). Setting boundaries will make them temporarily unhappy but eternally grateful. Establishing limits now is much easier than trying to lay down the law later in life.

Your school-age child is developing a sense of self-worth and self-confidence, so your style of talking with and disciplining needs to reflect your love and confidence. Children should know that you trust them to make good choices.

Teenagers need boundaries and clear expectations. It’s also important to provide them the space they need to become independent, well-adjusted adults. Striking this balance can be the most difficult part of parenting teens.

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